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Electric Powerful 1000W Nutrition Extractor Blender 8 Piece Set Mixer - Black

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Details Specifications Comment Service
Parts Description: 
1.Blending cup 
2.Cross blade 
3.Blade base 
4.Motor base 
5.Grinding base 
6.Flat blade 
7.Blade base 
8.Flip-top lid 
9.Storage lid 
10.Control panel 

Technical Data: 
1. Voltage: 120v 60Hz 
2. Power: 1000W 

USE Caution: 
● Before using your appliance for the first time,clean all the accessories(except the motor base)in warm soapy water.Rinse and dry thoroughly. 
● Make sure motor base is unplugged from the power source. 
● With self-protection function, the product will shut down automatically after 70 seconds’ working,re-operating after 5 minutes if necessary. 
● This item is equipped with a safety switch (A)on the motor base(which you can see on the manual). 
● If the blade base is not assembled correctly, the safety switch will not be activate and the machine will not work when switch on. 
● Do not use any tools to press the safety switch in order not to cause any damage. 

Cleaning and Maintenance 
● Always unplug the appliance before cleaning. 
● Do not immerse the motor base in water or any other liquids. Clean it with a damp cloth and dry thoroughly. 
● Disassemble the other parts after each use and wash them in soapy water. Then rinse with clean water and dry thoroughly. 
● Only the motor base can not be cleaned in a dishwasher safe as long as the temperature is not about 60℃. You can also use the pulse function for quick cleaning if needed. 
● Do not use any parts in a microwave. 

Package includes: 
● 1 x Food Extractor Nutri Power Blender 8 Piece Set Mixers 
● 1 x User Manual 

● For the purchased item we provide 24 Months Warranty,commencing from the day of sale. 
● If there is any problems, pls feel free to contact us soon, we will try our best to solve it for you.
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