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Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Thermal Carafe Beverages Carafe, 50 Ounce

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Product Description

the vacuum-insulated coffee carafe for Hot and Cold Drinks
? Made of double wall stainless steel, BESTEK stainless carafe is very impressed in locking temperature.
? Serve your hot coffee, water, Juice, tea, and cold drinks for all day long, withstand the demands of everyday use.
? Electrolysis process interior and brushed stainless steel exterior, body stays cool to the touch with hot liquids,
? Perfect for home & office & outdoor and restaurant use.
? Reasonable price, experience our high quality vacuum carafe with much less money.

? Easy to fill, pour and clean.

Good to Know:

? Please press the top button to pour, otherwise it never works.
? Considering safety, we never suggest one-handing pouring a whole pot of coffee.
? Clockwise close the lid tightly and counterclockwise rotating open the lid.

? Do not filled a full pot of coffee or tea, only filled to 4/5 coffee to leave enough space for reducing the pressure of lid. 


? Weight: 50 ounce
? Material: 8/18 stainless steel
? Height: 9.4 inch
? Bottom diameter: 5.5 inch

? Black opening: PP material


the coffee carafes thermal is backed by 18 month warranty, friendly and easy to reach support.
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